Developers of Universal Sanitization Systems for Healthier Homes

Using our patented Advanced Refraction Technology we are driving forward innovation with UV-C sanitization systems for households and families. Our systems eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs that can cause infections and illness and we are pioneering the way with products designed for everyday use.

About Us


Our patented UV-C systems are a safe and effective way to sanitize everyday products that harbor harmful bacteria

Eliminates 99.9 of most bacteria

UV-C technology destroys cell walls and DNA to the point of no recovery for the bacterial population that are exposed to the UV-C rays.


Sanitization systems designed to fit your everyday lifestyle and protection you can trust against common household germs.

Technology Focused but driven by health and awareness solutions for men and women

We are focused with not only delivering innovative technologies but high quality products both inside and out.


Building trust-worthy brands and creating products that seamlessly fit into today’s busy households.

3-in-1 Solutions

Our products are designed with busy households in mind; requiring less time, no mess, and safe for electronics and other sensitive materials. These are products that give peace of mind and powerful results.