Clean Light Labs
Patented Sanitizing Systems for Healthier Families


About Us

Clean Light Laboratories introduced our first products in 2017, with a focus on sanitizing solutions for women’s intimate health.  After being granted a patent for sanitization of complex products, the market potential opened.  With the significant increase in global hygiene consciousness across the world, CLL has developed additional systems utilizing it’s patented technology that will have a positive impact in a number of industries offering a safer and very consumer friendly sanitization method.


Why UV-C?


As households join the trend of hygiene consciousness, people find it increasingly important to protect their families from germs  on everyday household and health and wellness items. For almost 100 years UV-C has been used in hospitals as an effective sanitization method.  Based on this proven technology CLL, along with our patented grid system to maximize bounce, offers a simple solution to fight germs. 

Recent technological enhancements have made it possible for UV-C disinfectant technology to employ in an ever expanding field of applications. 

CLL’s products bring this opportunity to every household at an affordable price.